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After an initial meeting with this case-study client, where I prepared an outline to ask the write questions on getting to know his business, tone of brand, values, history, difficulties, goals and current marketing strategies, I studied his website and social media accounts.


Note: I deliberately chose not to study his current digital marketing before the meeting to have a complete fresh, open mind and make sure afterwards it was in-line with what we discussed in our "discovery" meeting. It is important to have a uniform 360° angle on all online platforms in terms of transmitting your brand's values and image.

I then prepared a recap and a plan of action sheet. This is where the case-study client said yes to working with IRISH CORISH! Log-ins and administration rights were exchanged for his website (to correct any errors & check format for mobile view), email (to add a professional email signature with logo), facebook and instagram (to fix errors on set up, add key company information missing, create content, post, schedule posts & analyse statistics).


To move to action immediately and react with current events, I came up with the idea of a special one off Corona Christmas Art Auction, taking in consideration brand image and future business plans.


I re-organised his website and created the auction with photos, descriptions, starting bids, bid counters, a "make a bid" button linked to his email. I also created a bid register sheet with clients' details, date, lot number & bid amount to have a record up to date. I created an email response template.

Here are some facebook and instagram posts I created, shared and analysed adding links to his website

and adapted #s to increase his client reach and site traffic.

I'm also helping the client up-date his website www.christophercook.fr

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


It is important that your clients see who you are, see your products with a 3d view and make your brand come alive.

I created, shot and edited videos to advertise the auction, showcase the brand, products and business owner. I also edited some out-takes to give his followers a sense of humanity. Then I posted and shared these on the client's social media accounts.




In order to increase the audience reach for his page, I did the same process again above but with a video in French to reach further clients. I also created posts / videos to stimulate engagement. Asking questions, taking an interest in your followers lives, making it entertainment.


I have also encouraged the case-study client to make intriguing videos of himself creating new pieces of art which will work well on instagram.

I am also posting stories to his social media accounts that show the brand in a short yet impacting way, attracting people's attention.

I also came up with the idea of "Thinking of You" postcards with his art, with the idea of keeping in touch in the difficult times of Coronavirus 2020. I created and ordered them. They will be distributed for free for people to meet the artist, to entice sales and show his brand's values of kindness to the community.


I am also working on a case-study client who had no internet presence for her business. This began with the initial "discovery" meeting again to understand her business, brand personality, client target market, history, difficulties and goals.

I am currently creating her Linkedin profile with CV, Email, Website, Logo, Facebook Page & Instagram Profile. I have done a photo-shoot and am gathering content.


I am also helping another case-study client who only had facebook for her store.

I created an instagram account and am building her followers through original content.


I am also a volunteer for a non-profit association - Irish in France.

I create visuals for their social media and events and manage their Facebook group, page, instagram and recently youtube channel.