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My Social Media Weekend Tips

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

I absolutely love the photos going around social media with celebrities embracing their younger selves! How I wish I had those skills with photoshop... Note to self - Look up photoshop courses... I am not sure I even want to show you my attempt at copying the concept with photos of my dog and cat as younger selves ha! Lets just say, not the same effet of emitting the "awhhh so lovely" reaction.

1. My 1st tip of the weekend would be to keep an eye on what's buzzing online and if you can identify your brand with the concept, try to adapt a version of it with a new angle. As we know, #s work wonders on instagram to get your posts coverage, and if you go to the magnifying glass on twitter you can see what #s are trending there (apologies for the simple terms used, I am a complete twitter virgin just now!).

2. My side note tip on this point would be, make sure what you post for your business is traceable to your brand. Imagine you created the next BIG BUZZ... but people shared, copied, pasted, downloaded etc.. and no-one knew the fantastic brand behind it. Some of the #thenandnow posts I have seen show the original creator, others do not... I just think what a shame for the original person / company behind the idea. Some people would say having a faded watermark is not "sexy" for instagram photos which I agree but try to find a clever way to get your brand known behind the potential buzz you will create.

3. Last tip if you need a little push / challenge on doing more posts for your business's social media. Create and schedule a post over the weekend to go online say 9pm Monday evening with a link to your website blog (if of course you have statistics showing that is a peak time for your followers). You can use Facebook Business Suite to schedule posts for instagram and facebook... just remember links will only work on Facebook posts (Instagram don't allow links on posts, only on your bio). Once you have done this, then you have a DEADLINE to go and write the blog you have linked the post to!! Ha this was my challenge for today. It certainly made me type faster, with an extra heartbeat happening to make sure I didn't look ridiculous having a post go out with a link to an empty blog... ooooh its the small challenges in life that coax us along, especially these days in confinement#2 in France!!

Good luck!... as my son said the other day "funny isn't it mummy how people say The Luck of the Irish, are Irish people known all over the world?". I replied "Yes I'd say so"... I didn't add "Yeah all over the world for our Irish pubs 'cause we do love drinking" haha... Note to self - Find out how you can put emojis on this blog thing, people will get bored of my constant hahahahahahahahahas...

By the way, do you like my new brand template?! My poor dog has been looking at me for the last hour with disgust as I have barely moved from the computer trying to get a version I like, sorrrrry Eden.

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