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To selfie or not to selfie?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

For me, social media for businesses is not about selfies.

The older generation of business owner's are not used to this type of advertising. The younger generation is and for me this is because they are lacking in self assurance (which is ironic, considering they are taking selfies of themselves and posting them left, right & centre for the whole world to see!).

The selfie is to gain likes, to be re-assured we are liked. The older generation didn't require this, or certainly not in such a public way. Is it because social media wasn't available to them at the time (I remember when the internet first came in!!!)... or is it that we are now a generation of self doubt?

I asked myself the question the other day, when does this self doubt occur?

My kids were having a 'disagreement' the other day and I told them to apologise to each other for hurting each other's feelings. My son was on his computer at the time (he is just learning how to use one) and as his apology, he typed up (in almost perfect English!!... he has only started to learn to write in English in the last 2 months)... Note to self - Be less obvious about bursting with pride over my kids in my blog hahaha... and printed out a page he wrote about his sister. He had written everything she loves. "My sister loves: Animals especially horses, Her self, Her cat & dog...". I had to step back for a second to see if there was any malice intended, BUT THERE WASN'T. Both of the kids thought it was lovely and true. It really made me think, the kids (at their age anyhow) take it as a compliment to love yourself. I was so proud!... oops sorry doing it again... as I am constantly telling them when they do something well, wow you must be so proud of yourself! I want them to have self assurance, to only look for "likes" from themselves, to love themselves. My kids are too young for social media (well we are not far off, I see the Christmas list has Tiktok on it eeeeekkk)... I wonder if social media will have "the self-doubt" effect on them... I really hope not!

It's ironic really thinking about it, social media companies advise businesses to not do the hard sell, to not just talk about themselves. Yet for personal accounts, it is often about the selfie (for some people anyhow). It's a fine line I guess. For businesses I would say showcase your brand's values & your story.

At the end of the day it is all about gaining likes on social media but for businesses the likes lead to comments & sharing which is referred to as engagement, and the more people engage with your page, the more the facebook algorithm will spread your page / brand around. Remain humble, honest and keep a good sense of humour. Social media is all about socialising, being human.... just being corporate will not work. Note to self - Write less in my blog haha... sorry that's my Irish side coming out!

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